Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to attend both tryout dates?

While you do not have to attend both dates, It is better for your child if the coaches have the opportunity to evaluate them on two separate days. Everyone, both children and adults,  have "off" days and we wouldn’t want that to affect the coach getting to see the true extent of your child’s talent.  If for some reason you cannot make both days please inform the coach in advance.

2) Do current players have to attend tryouts?

Yes, your position with the FC Blazers is only for the current season and each player must tryout each season.

3) Do I need to register online?

Yes. Every player trying out for FC Blazers should register online. This allows our coaches to see how many players will be attending and speeds up the check in process.

4) How much does it cost to play for FC Blazers?

If your child makes the team, you will be sent a contract that outlines the team fees for the year and what they include. The FC Blazer team fees are all inclusive. They include all training (fall, winter and spring), practice and game fields, tournament registration and coaching expenses, insurance, league and cup fees, etc.  Team fees do not cover travel expenses.

5) Does FC Blazers offer Scholarships to players who cannot afford to play?

Yes. FC Blazers has a scholarship fund but the resources are limited. They are awarded strictly based on financial need and not on player’s ability. Once you have made a team, you can apply for a scholarship with the club.

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